Black Princesses go home without bonuses

Ghana’s Black Princesses, back from the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup have been sent home after a promise from the Ministry of Youth and Sports to pay them bonuses yesterday was not fulfilled.
The Princesses returned home last Thursday after being eliminated from the group stage despite winning two matches at the tournament in Canada.
The players were not due bonuses from the World Cup because they failed to make it past the group stage but are still owed for qualifying for the tournament.
The players had been holed up at their hotel, refusing to depart until their money totaling $12,000 dollars was paid.
“Since we did not progress at the tournament, we have no other money than what we earned when we qualified for the Women’s World Cup as the bonuses have now been lumped as qualification bonus.
“Even that, we are being told that we will only get part as we played only two matches instead of six. That is unfair because it was not our fault that the teams pulled out of the competition, we prepared for the qualifiers so we must be compensated for it.
“We hope that the management committee and the Ghana Football Association (GFA) will impress upon the ministry to pay the entire bonus,” a source close to the team appealed.

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