New battery charges up to six times faster

A start-up in California, Qnovo, says it has developed a new way of rapidly recharging conventional lithium-ion batteries.
With Qnovo’s technology, you can get six hours of phone life from just 15 minutes of charging – compared to just 1-2 hours from conventional charging.
The secret, according to Qnovo, is that no two batteries are identical – and knowing exactly how much power you can pump into the battery without damaging it can significantly improve recharge times.
Lithium-ion batteries, used in smartphones, tablets and laptops, generally hold less charge as time goes by.
There are many reasons for lithium-ion batteries to lose charge and efficiency, but one of the most pesky is the creation of dendrites – mossy deposits of lithium that ooze out of cracks in the anode that form during charging (the sudden influx of ions caused by recharging causes the anode to expand and crack).
These dendrites can reach out towards the electrolyte and cause short circuits, seriously reducing the battery’s capacity.
Source: Extreme Tech

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