Twitter storm: Ghanaians to petition Obama

Demonstrators are planning to petition the US President Barack Obama through the US Ambassador to Ghana, Gene A. Cretz, on Friday, July 25, for an apology and action against the Embassy official responsible for a sarcastic tweet aimed at President John Mahama.
The march in Accra is being jointly organised by the Progressive Socialists Forum of Ghana and the New Politics Network (NPN) – an apolitical grouping.
The group will also request the Embassy to tell the world who was responsible for the offensive tweet and demand that he or she be transferred from the embassy since the attitude makes him or her a serious threat to the country’s national security.
“I don’t support any political twist to this reckless action by the US Embassy, we must collectively stand-up against this imperialist’s manipulations and recklessness. We may have our differences and can continue our internal political banter but never must we allow any foreign entity to dictate the pace of our political movement,”  the group’s spokesman told Spy News Agency in an interview.
Last week, President John Mahama, in his regular conversation with Ghanaians, posted a tweet on his official Twitter handle assuring Ghanaians that the current economic difficulties will soon be over.
The tweet read: “As a people, we have had to make sacrifices. I wish to assure you that the results of these sacrifices would begin to show very soon.”
The US Embassy re-tweeted: “And what sacrifices are you making? Don’t tell me that pay cut.”
Meanwhile, Ghanaian government officials including the Acting National Youth Co-ordinator, Ras Mubarak, and the Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs, Hannah Serwa Tetteh, immediately took the issue on, demanding an apology from the Embassy.
Credit: Spy news

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