Deport asylum seekers – gov't tells Brazilian authorities

Government has begun diplomatic proceedings to get the football fans who have embarrassed the nation by seeking asylum in Brazil sent home, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has said.
This is in wake of the recent report that over 200 Ghanaian soccer fans are seeking asylum in Brazil.
The government has asked the Brazilian government to send the 200 asylum-seekers home as soon as their visas expire.
The fans who were flown by government to Brazil to support the Black Stars in the 2014 World Cup tournament there, have argued that they are Muslims fleeing inter-religious conflicts in Ghana.
The Brazilian government is reported to be considering their asylum application.
However, the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a statement said these individuals simply do not want to return to Ghana and must be deported.
Government on Friday denied the claim of the fans and ordered the Embassy in Brazil to liaise with authorities there to investigate the development.
“Government states for the record that the basis for this alleged request is completely false as no religious conflict are taking place in Ghana,” a government statement noted.
Source: GBC

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