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Westside Legacy debunks 'false' media reports on Castro

Westside Legacy crew, a group allegedly affiliated to missing musician Theophilius Tagoe aka Castro the Destroyer, have released what they are claiming is the ‘true version’ of events surrounding the musician’s fate.
A statement by the group’s Public Relations Officer, Nana Kwesi Coomson said: “First of all, Castro is not dead, he is missing; as to whether he will be found alive or dead, no one can pronounce that, until proven otherwise with his body.
“This piece is the real account of the Westside Legacy crew who are at the Peace Holiday Resort. This is directed to refute the falsehood in the media because if there is a deliberate and orchestrated attempt to deceive the public with unsubstantial allegations, it must be thwarted immediately.
“Asamoah Gyan, Castro, and their friends were lodging at the Acqua (sic) Safari Hotel in Ada when they arrived at the holiday city and were later transferred to the Peace Holiday Resort. On Sunday 6th July, 2014 when the unfortunate event happened, Asamoah Gyan was in a boat cruising on the Volta River whilst Castro was jet skiing on the same water body. Castro cruised on the river for a while and got closer to where Janet Bandu was sitting with her friends when Janet jumped at the back of Castro’s jet ski and both were jolly skiing on the river.
“They cruised far beyond anyone’s visual reach. One white man who owns an island at the place saw the empty jet ski afloat near his island. He called Peace Holiday Resort to inform them that an empty jet ski was afloat near his island when they told him it belongs to Acqua Safari Hotel. Reaching Acqua Safari, they noticed that, that was the jet ski Castro was using and the search for Castro began because their attention was drawn to the fact that he was not in his hotel room neither was he anywhere close.
“It is never true that Janet fell in the river and when Castro was trying to rescue her, he also drowned. As it stands, no one saw how they ‘vanished.’ As to whether the jet ski capsized or Janet fell and Castro was trying to rescue her like the media has it, they are all speculations; no one saw them when they left the Peace Holiday Resort vicinity.
“There is tight security at the Peace Holiday Resort restricting people from entering the premises since people who visit the place often spew false information to the media and friends which become the basis of major reports in the media.
“There is an intensive search on the Volta River and the sea for the two bodies (Castro and Janet Bandu). As at now, rescuers have been deputed (sic) by Asamoah Gyan and Castro’s family to search for the two.
“Janet Bandu’s family was also at the Peace Holiday Resort yesterday. Her elder Sister and Uncle were there to offer support to those there.
The Westside Legacy is still at the Hotel premises awaiting a positive result. The general environment at the Peace Holiday Resort is one of optimism as family and friends of the two embark on prayer services daily.
“Westside Legacy can confidently say that until the family comes out to announce anything about the two, the media are only speculating, please note that and treat any news in the media about them beneath contempt.”

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