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Drivers left 'high and dry' as fuel dries up

Drivers have complained of a severe petrol shortage in some parts of Accra.
Some fuel stations in Adabraka, Ridge, Osu, Kokomlemle , Abeka Junction, Tesano and the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, and along the Ring Road were displaying a ‘No Petrol’ sign and motorists were being turned away.
The fuel shortage, which has persisted for the past three days, is particularly affecting commercial drivers who require large amounts of fuel for long journeys.
Commercial drivers have called on government to urgently address the situation so that they can return to work.
The shortage has caused some panic buying among motorists who were spotted in some filling stations filling mini gallons of fuel.
The government owes the Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs) GHc1.5 billion.Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, Senyo Hosi told an Accra-based radio station that until that money is paid to allow them settle international suppliers, the situation would persist.
”There is stock available on the market, on the shores of Ghana; but it is just that it is on a financial hold. You pay you get financial access to it from the international suppliers,” Mr Hosi said.
There is speculation that a supply of fuel is available but is being held up due to financial reasons.
Mr. Hosi said the BDCs could not secure fuel supplies because the banks were unwilling to extend credit as the BDCs were already “heavily indebted” to them.
He also revealed information he has shows that Ghana has just about three days worth of stock remaining.
Source: GhanaWeb

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