Denmark to move from aid to trade

Denmark plans to cut aid programmes to Ghana and focus more on areas of trade and investment.
Ghana is considered a lower middle income country so a new strategic partnership between the two countries is underway.
This forms part of a comprehensive Danish country policy (2014-2018) to consolidate its programmes in Ghana and support the transition to trade and investment and strengthen political co-operation.
The Danish Ambassador to Ghana, Ms Margit Thomsen, said: “Danish companies can provide many of the solutions that Ghana needs in areas such as climate change, water, agriculture, health and infrastructure.
“We will use our many years of successful development co-operation and close ties as a springboard to create a smooth transition from development co-operation to increased commercial co-operation for growth and employment in Ghana”.
Among other areas that Denmark is targeting its support include reforms to improve the business environment and reduce barriers to trade and investment, sustainable investments and green growth.

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