Nigerian villagers killed in suspected Boko Haram church attack

Suspected Boko Haram militants have killed dozens of villagers in fresh attacks in Borno state in north-eastern Nigeria.
In one attack, gunmen disguised as soldiers fired into a crowd in a church compound, local MP Peter Biye said. He said he had warned the army that the area was at risk after troops stationed nearby were withdrawn three months ago.
The latest attacks come as the army denied that several generals had been found guilty of aiding the militants.
Nigerian media reported on Tuesday that 10 generals and five other senior military officers had been tried before a court martial for supplying arms and information to the Islamist militant group.
However, a military spokesman called the reports “falsehoods”.
The first attack was on a village church on Sunday when reportedly 20 people died. Villagers retaliated and some militants were allegedly killed.
This seemed to prompt a revenge attack on Tuesday when militants dressed as soldiers pretended they had come to protect the village, Mr Biye said.
Source: BBC

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