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Former AG's home burgled, he suspects foul play

A burglary at the home of former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Alamisi Amidu, during which no valuables were stolen has led him to suspect foul play.
Intruders who broke into his property allegedly took just two cushion covers on the sofa and an old car battery.
Coincidentally, Mr Amidu had, on the day of the burglary, removed flower pots near the front wall of the house as a security measure to make it more difficult for burglars to gain access to the property.
Mr Amidu has been involved in a high-profile fight against corruption. Since he took up the battle against payment of fraudulent judgment debts to certain individuals and corporate institutions, the former Attorney General has been distanced from National Democratic Congress (NDC) government and party supporters.
Mr Amidu suspects possible assassination attempts and State surveillance.
The former AG is currently at the Supreme Court seeking a judicial review of the Isofoton and Woyome cases.
Madina police are investigating the incident.
 Source: Daily Guide

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