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Ghana Is 3rd Most Corrupt Country – Latest Poll Report

Ghana has been ranked third most perceived corrupt country among 129 countries with free press.
This is the latest corruption perception index report issued by Gallup. Ghana scored 89 percent behind Czech Republic and Lithuania.
The Gallup report comes on the back of series of investigative reports pointing to corruption in various sectors.
The latest Gallup poll was conducted between April and May 2012 on perception of countries with free and limited press around the world. Ghana was recognized among the countries with free press.
The report shows that majority of people in the 108 out of 129 countries surveyed in April and May 2012, view corruption as widespread in their government. Ghana scored 89 per cent alongside Portugal, South Africa, Italy, Costa Rica and South Korea, all of which are recognized as free press countries.
Among countries with a free press, the percentage of adults who say corruption is widespread in their government reaches as high as 94% in the Czech Republic and as low as 14% in Sweden.
The ranking means that Ghana is now placed third among free press countries with the highest corruption perceptions worldwide.
Source: Myjoyonline

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