Let Antoa Strike Me Dead If We Created, Looted And Shared, Otherwise…..

Spanish Energy Company, Isofoton SA, has invoked curses of the dreaded river deity, Antoa Nyamaa, to deal mercilessly with members of the youth wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the Young Patriots, for daring to suggest that they are part of the “create, loot and share” cabal one of the justices of the Supreme Court referred to in his ruling on the “Martin Amidu vrs. Attorney General, Waterville (BVI) Holdings, Austro-‐Invest and Alfred Woyome” case.
Justice Jones Dotse, in a “concurring opinion” to the ruling said “a perusal of…indicate quite clearly that the 2nd and 3rd Defendants after their initial disagreements about their entitlements, later entered into an alliance to create, loot and share the resources of this country as if a brigade had been set up for such an enterprise.”
But the youth wing of the NPP have gone further to accuse the Spanish company of being part of this looting brigade.
Country Representative of ISOFOTON SA, Anane Agyei Forson, in a fit of anger, rained curses on the group for maligning his and the company’s integrity on Okay FM, saying if the accusation that the judgement debt paid to them was done in collusion with any government official is true as the Young Patriots claimed, the river deity should strike him dead.
He further invoked that if lawyers at the Attorney-General’s Dept and or any other government appointee were compromised or induced to aid his company in being paid the said monies by the state, Antoa Nyamaa should also deal with them.
He, however, stressed that if the allegation by the Young Patriots that he greased the palm of officials in securing the said judgement debt payment is false, members of the group should not be spared by the dreaded river god.
“…if all the allegations leveled against me…are just to tarnish my image…Antoa should not spare them…The Young Patriots who are bandying this false accusation that I paid some monies to anybody, my Supreme Court is Antoa Nyamaa. If the create, loot and share is part of our case as they are stating, Antoa Nyamaa should kill me; Anane Agyei Forson. But if whatever they are saying is not true then Antoa Nyamaa should strike them dead,” Anane Agyei Forson cursed.
He pointed out that though such invocation should not be publicly made, much more so when he is a learned and well-informed person, he feels hurt by the accusation, adding that “if even Ghc1.00 was given to any minister in the pursuit of our legitimate money, Antoa should kill me.”
“…if indeed Antoa Nyamaa is a powerful deity in Ashanti which many people fear, then there should be a tragedy for people to know the veracity or falsity of my claims…I am not prepared to sue the Young Patriots in court to clear my name…I don’t have time to waste in court (over their baseless accusations)…Antoa is my court in this case,” the Isofoton country representative said.
A fuming Anane-Agyei was of the strong view that it was time the Young Patriots were put in their rightful place so they cease their twaddle, adding that “I’ve been an NPP activist for a long while, so if some people claim to be Young Elephants then I am an Old Elephant of the party”.
Source: Peacefmonline

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