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Supreme Court judgment is ‘unfair’ – Isofoton SA

The country representative of Isofoton SA, Anane Adjei has described the ruling by the Supreme Court ordering the company to refund the judgment debt paid them by government as “unfair.”

A nine-member panel of the Supreme Court on Friday ordered Isofoton SA to refund the $325,472 paid them as judgment debt by the government as well as interest accrued from the year it was paid.

Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu filed a suit at the Supreme Court challenging the claim of $1.3 million dollars, the Spanish company was seeking as judgment debt.

In an interview on Citi Prime News after the judgment, Mr. Adjei indicated that “this cannot be the end of the matter because Isofoton incurred debts towards this project. It will therefore not be fair to say that whatever debt that was incurred, we will not pay you.”

According to him, lawyers for Isofoton SA “are putting their heads together because we believe that the Ghana government, because of the expenses that we incurred, owes us and therefore we will be expecting that they will deduct the money from the expenses that we incurred towards the project.”

Mr. Adjei insisted that the government owes the Spanish company saying, “I don’t think it is so simple that we should refund; when they owe us, when they have even acknowledged the fact that they are prepared to pay the debt for us.”

He mentioned that they will ensure that the court deducts the debts they incurred on the abrogated contract from the $325,472 they have been ordered to refund.
Credit: Citi Fm

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