Dr. Wereko-Brobby Eats Humble Pie…Renders Apology To Dr. Bawumia

Dr Wereko Brobbey, Former Chief Executive Officer of the Volta River Authority and one-time Presidential Candidate of splinter party, United Ghana Movement, who suffered an avalanche of aspersions hurled at his person, coupled with gales of hard-hitting commentary by both party leaders and supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), for describing the Party’s 2012 running mate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as a “clueless” and confused Witness in the ongoing election petition, has apologised, unreservedly, to him (Dr Bawumia).
Despite the apology, the suspended founding member of the NPP will meet the party’s disciplinary committee later Friday, over his recent criticisms of the party’s decision to challenge the outcome of the 2012 presidential results at the Supreme Court.
In the letter dated Thursday June 13, 2013, Dr. Wereko-Brobbey said: “I wish to express my profound and fulsome apology to you for any damage that may have been caused by my recent comments on the election petition at the Supreme Court. I regret any dent to your undoubtedly high intellectual accomplishment and demonstrated capacity for excellence that the comment may have construed or implied”.
“I am sorry that my attempt to indict the woefully inadequate briefing on the innards of the electoral process by those on your side who were counterparts to the NDC General Secretary on the IPAC-may have resulted in an unintended unfair portrayal of you”.
“Unfortunately my comments were manipulated to portray a negative view of you and blemished your reputation and standing”.
“I know that has caused pain and for that, I wish to reiterate my total and unreserved apology to you and those close to you who may also have been affected by my comments”.
“As you know, I hold you in high esteem. I vividly recall that, after your selection as Vice Presidential candidate, you visisted my home with your advisor, Stephen Ntim. We had very constructive discussions on the strategies for the campaign and exchanged fruitful ideas on what actions are needed for victory. I hope that you will reflect on such events and accept that these were not the actions of a ‘Bawumia hater’”.
“Please be assured that I have not suddenly changed my mind about your competence and capabilities. I still have a very high regard of you”.
source: Peacefmonline

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