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“Kpegah is a Rambo on rampage”- Baako

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Kweku Baako has described retired Justice of the Supreme Court, Francis Yaonasu Kpegah as “a Rambo on rampage fighting the whole world”.
The former Justice of the Supreme Court, earlier this week accused heavyweights across the political landscape for various acts of conspiracy and corruption.
He pointed accusing fingers at the Chief Justice, Vice- President, General Legal Council, the Judiciary and the Ghana Bar Association (GBA).
There was more to Kpegah’s crusade than it meets the eye, the Editor-In-Chief conjectured.
This, he attributed to three reasons – a salary advance that was denied him, Tsatsu’s incarceration and a third – his suspicion that the retired judge was not authoring the pieces himself.
He reiterated his comments in the past that, there was tangible animosity towards the Chief Justice, Georgina Wood.
The judge has described her as “intransigent ” and was with the support of “faceless” politicians “growing feathers” .
The Managing editor said Justice Kpegah has a feud with the Chief Justice Georgina Wood because she denied his request for salary advance.
The retired judge’s suit against the Chief Justice in 2010 was as a result of Justice Georgina Wood’s action against him.
“It was all about him seeking salary advance from the Judicial Service”, Mr. Baako revealed.
He said the Chief Justice declined his request on the basis that he was on retirement. It was therefore the role of the Controller and Accountant- General to handle his request, he added.
“This is basic”, he mentioned.
According to Kweku Baako “Kpegah appears to have a problem with the sentencing of Tsatsu Tsikata”.
On June 18, 2008, Mr Tsikata was found guilty and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on three counts of willfully causing financial loss to the state which ran concurrently.
He was pardoned in December 2008 by former President J.A. Kufuor.
Mr. Kweku Baako said in 2008 the retired judge called for an emergency meeting and wrote letters to the Chief Justice accusing the Judiciary for the incarceration of Tsikata.
The managing editor went further.
“He may not be the one authoring these pieces”, he suspected. He referred to the frail frame of the retired judge when he had to be helped into his car after appearing in court.
The judge had also been absent in court citing ill-health.
The anger by the Judge exhibited towards the “whole world” showed that the he was a “marauding Rambo on rampage” and the “only standing Blowman”, a self-restrained Kweku Baako said.
The conduct of the retired judge, he said made him a ‘terrible statesman”.
Source: Myjoyonline

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