Lawyers for petitioners investigate Supreme Court raid

The legal team for the petitioners challenging the results of the 2012 presidential elections has begun investigations into the claims that some national security operatives on Thursday besieged the Supreme Court premises demanding access to evidence at the Registry.

This was after the Presiding Judge, Justice Atugubah directed accounting firm, KPMG to audit the pink sheets presented as evidence by the petitioners.

This development has since kept the general public in suspension and it is against this backdrop the Petitioners legal team is conducting investigations to ascertain the truth of the matter.

A member of the Petitioners legal team, Lawyer Frank Davis told Citi News that the event if confirmed will be raised in court at the next sitting on Monday.

“It is very curious and I just cannot understand why it should happen and if we should actually investigate the circumstances and find out it is true then we will have no option than to put the matter before the court on Monday.”

Without sounding prejudiced, he implied, “If indeed national security attempted to have access to our pink sheets then that was very unfortunate; it has serious implications for our justice system and it turns to bring the administration of justice into disrepute.”

He continued saying, “They are seriously interfering with the court process and these are legal issues being held in the highest court of the land; whether they are national security or not they are not above the law.”

Lawyer Frank Davis emphasized that National Security has no business in the counting of the pink sheets by KPMG.

“Did the court order national security to go for the keys to the Court registry? What has this order got to do with national security, there are much more serious security lapses to be handled by the national security and the court is capable of managing its own affairs.”

Meanwhile, a member of the third Respondents legal team, Lawyer Kojogah Adawudu said National Security has every right to safeguard all the documents in the possession of the court registry.

According to him, the election petition hearing is of national interest, hence the need for National Security to provide maximum security at the Supreme Court premises.

Lawyer Adawudu added that National Security operatives have always been part of security arrangements at the Supreme Court premises.

He stated, “There was nothing wrong with the National Security operatives request to protect the pink sheets and other relevant documents tendered as evidence by the Petitioners.   Credit: Citifmonline

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