Election petition: Tsatsu Tsikata to continue cross examination today

Lead council for the National Democratic Congress Tsatsu Tsikata is expected to continue his cross examination of Dr. Bawumia on Monday.

Dr. Bawumia has for the past ten hearings of the election petition case been answering questions from lawyers for the respondents in an effort to get the court to nullify over 4 million votes in the last elections. 

It will be day eleven (11) for Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia in the witness box.

Day ten of the hearing of the substantive case saw Dr Bawumia answer questions targeted at the data represented in the affidavit evidence submitted by the petitioners. 

Lawyer Tsikata sought to prove that the petitioners had duplicated, triplicated and quadruplicated some of the pink sheets submitted as evidence. 

Before the court rose, Justice Atuguba instructed the lawyers representing the petitioners and respondents to “sort out the exhibits in the order you intend to submit it.”

He instructed them to meet ahead of the 9:30 hearing time to work out all outstanding issues relating to documents they intended to tender into evidence.

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