Nana Ama McBrown ‘Steals’ Emilia Brobbey’s Man

Close friends Nana Ama McBrown and Emilia Brobbey have allowed a man to come in between their friendship.
The two who have been close friends for a very long time do not see eye to eye anymore because Nana has betrayed their friendship by taking advantage of problems in Emilia Brobbey’s marital home and has consciously taken over Emilia’s husband.
Emelia Brobbey’s husband sent her away from her marital home to go back to her parents after he caught his dear wife (Emilia) in a hotel room with another man in what according to Emilia is a set up to destroy their marriage.
Emilia’s husband threatened to divorce Emilia because she cannot be trusted and whiles she was trying to explain and apology for her husband to accept her back with the help of her parents and her best friend Nana Ama McBrown little did she know that her best friend was taking advantage of the situation to steal her man.
This is the scenario in the first movie which stars McBrown to be released after her fatal accident titled “Madanfo” (My Friend). Nana Ama and Emilia Brobbey are best friends in real life and they played the role of best friends in the movie so well until McBrown decided to betray their friendship with her selfish interest.Emilia Brobbey’s father Ernest Opoku played by Kwadjo Nkansah aka Lil Win a shameless womanizers who takes delight in spending on young ladies of his daughter’s age only to lour them to bed, even added salt to injury when he went to ask his son-in-law to pay a ridiculous amount of money as compensation for leaving his daughter instead of apologizing on behalf of his daughter who was at fault.
Now will Jennifer’s (Emilia Brobbey’s) husband marry his wife’s best friend? What will Jennifer who trusts his friend so much do if she realise that the same friend who claimed she was going to plead on her behalf has ended up taking her man. How will Silvia’s (Nana Ama McBrown’s) marriage to his best friend’s husband end?
The movie which is a mix of romance, suspense, drama, action and comedy is about friendship and how some friend can betray their best friends because envy, jealousy, greed and selfishness.
There are several real life and moral lessons to learn from this movie. “Madanfo” directed by Theophilous Amoabeng and Produced by Ebenazer Ankrah also features Clement Sarfo, Akyere Bruwaa and Bernard Nyarko.
The must watch movie will be released in all movie shops across the nation from Monday April 22, 2013.
Source: Peacefmonline

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