Some deputy ministerial appointments were simply rewards – ISODEC

The Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) has suggested that some of the deputy ministerial appointments made by the President were merely rewards for their vocal defense of his administration.

ISODEC is of the opinion that such persons are not fully equipped to tackle challenging national situations head-on.

The Campaign Coordinator for ISODEC, Dr. Steve Manteaw on the Citi Breakfast Show noted that due to the current socio-economic challenges the country is facing, “it is our belief that when you are in critical times, you bring your best to deal with situation.

When the going gets tough, you bring your strikers and defenders and when it’s easy and you are leading, you can try all the reserves that you have on the bench.”

According to Dr. Manteaw, “you reward these people, keep them in the background, let them support the Minister because you need people with the strength to be able to do the work.”

According to him, the solutions to the economic and social problems the country was facing did not rest on mere speech.

“It rests in doing, and so you need people who can do and not those who can talk. So get the people who can talk in the background and those who can do the job in the fore front.”
Source: Citifmonline

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