Prez Mahama Should Have Declared His Assets Upon Assumption of Office – Vitus Azeem

The Executive Secretary of Ghana Integrity Initiative, Vitus Azeem has stated that, the President should have declared his assets public upon assumption of office just as he did by filing his tax returns on Tuesday in the full glare of the media.
The office of the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) is purportedly to have called on all high ranking government officials who were sworn into office to declare their assets as demanded by the constitution.
In an interview with Asempa FM on Wednesday, Vitus Azeem said though there is a time frame for the President and his officials to have declared their assets, the office of GII cannot confirm whether the President has declared his assets publicly.
“We (GII) don’t have information that he (the President) has declared or not declared, but since it was done in the public like the filing of the tax returns, we also expect that if the (President) has declared his assets, it would have been in the news. We don’t have evidence and we have not been told. But what we are saying is that, he (the President) should have declared upon assumption of office.
“…the constitution says, upon assumption of office and my understanding is that, ones you are sworn in and start acting as a President, and at the end of the month you collect your money as a President, I conclude that you have assumed office so you should declare. Unfortunately, the assets declaration act, which is inferior to the constitution, provides an extension within six months but you swear to uphold the constitution and not the acts of Parliament,” he explained.
He further said, “I haven’t checked from the Auditor General whether the President has declared his assets or not because sometimes they will not tell you the truth.
Mr. Vitus Azeem is however calling on the President to declare his assets as soon as possible to cease the brouhaha in the public.
Source: Peacefmonline

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