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Severe rainstorm hits Yendi again

A severe rainstorm has hit Yendi again destroying government buildings, houses and displacing so many people.
The destroyed houses include, the Yendi Police Divisional Commander’s bungalow, Three Offices of the Yendi Prisons yard, The Yendi Circuit Judge’s bungalow, Crime officer’s bungalow, Yendi Municipal Finance officer’s bungalow, three classrooms of Abartey J.H.S, and three classrooms of Nashirudeen Primary School.
Several individual houses within the Yendi Municipality and market stalls, among others, were also destroyed.
The Yendi Municipal National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Coordinator Mr Kofi Bigah, conducted the Yendi Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Sarfo Kantanka Agyapong and some of the Security personnel around some of the affected areas and the homes.
He told the coordinating director that the area was hit by a similar severe rainstorm a few weeks ago destroying 503 houses and schools and displaced 1,620 people.
Mr. Porga indicated that last night’s rainstorm was also severe that it destroyed several houses, displacing a number of people, who are presently living with their relatives and friends.
Mr. Sarfo Kantankan was not happy about the extent of damage to the Government buildings, which had displaced top Government Officials in the Municipality.
The Yendi Municipal NADMO Operation Officer Mr. InusahFuseini said the zonal coordinators and most of the NADMO Officials are going round registering the affected houses and the displaced people.
Source: GNA

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