Have You Heard? : Ghanaian Celebrities Impregnate Ladies In London

To the lay person reading this story, it might look unimportant to you because you may not know the pain and the struggle some single mothers are going through to bring up their children especially in abroad (London to be specific) despite the benefits some of these mothers enjoy.
When the editor of Flex newspaper went to London during the Christmas holidays to negotiate some businesses with the outside world, little did he know that he was in to receive more complaints and wailing from some London based women who have been cheated by Ghanaian male celebrities who spent time there for other business activities.
During the encounter with our editor, five different single mothers made bitter complaints about some male celebrities in Ghana who impregnated them with the pretense of marriage and later absconded when they had enjoyed enough flesh and substance from these ladies. So far in our records, we realized that most of the names which came up during the discourse are male celebs who are even married with children in Ghana. This is sheer wickedness and we at Flex newspaper feel this is the right time to expose their bad deeds.
Initially, we thought the ladies in question had stooped so low to be used and dumped by these male celebrities but after listening to the escapades used to lure them, we could not blame them much. Listen to the sad story of one of them who was impregnated by one of the respected broadcasters of old. “I met this man on line sometime ago and because I liked him when he is mastering a show or presenting a programme on tv, I decided to be a friend to him. We kept our union online for close to a year until he visited London one summer for a programme. We agreed that he could spend some days with me in my house on the basis that he wanted to stay for a longer period to start some business here in London.
We started dating without even being aware of it and knowing the boredom in this country, I enjoyed his stay in the country especially my times with him. It was after two months that I became pregnant in the process. When I informed him, he assured me that he has fallen in love with me and would not mind to marry me if only I want to keep the pregnancy.
He promised to see my parents in Ghana for the necessary rites to be performed anytime he goes back home. out of this blessed assurance, I supported his stay with my income and my strength until he told me has gathered enough so he wants to go back to Ghana to start the marriage rites.
Unfortunately, he called to inform me that he has been reliably informed that I keep virtually every star who comes to London from Ghana in my house therefore he cant marry a lady who has been used by his colleagues. I gave birth last year and this broadcaster has not even set eyes on the baby boy and I know God will punish him one day for what he has done to me” Shirley as she prefers to be called told Flex newspaper editor in London.
The celebrities whose names are on our wanted list but will not rush to release them until we have spoken to them to know issues from their side include a pioneer broadcaster who speaks the queen language like nobody`s business and very fashionistic. There is also this popular and fantastic sound engineer who has changed the music industry with his own ways of doing things. Who said gospel musicians who tour churches with the word of God do not have feelings in their body systems. This unsuspecting gospel musician is not that active in the game lately but has gotten a good track record when he released some smash hits some few years back.
Flex newspaper will be meeting them one on one whiles playing the recording of our chat with the ladies for them to respond to the allegations. We promise to push this story to the top. Continue reading next week…
Source: Flexghana

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