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Prez Mahama Is Confused — Kwesi Pratt

Kwesi Pratt Jnr has described as “sloppy” and fraught with “confusion”, the manner in which President Mahama is going about making his appointments.
An obviously furious Kwesi Pratt told Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana programme today that President Mahama appears to be making what he describes as “a mess” of the appointment process.
According to him, there is “no clarity” of the kind of message the President is trying to send with his appointments describing it as “disappointing”.
He said the President’s reassignment of Rashid Pelpuo from the Tourism, culture and creative arts ministry epitomizes the confusion that has shrouded the entire appointment process.
The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper pulled no punches in his criticism of the President’s appointment and plainly said President Mahama appears to have sown seeds of conflict in his government with the kind of appointments he has made so far.
He said the portfolios of the six ministers of state at the Presidency are in direct conflict with other ministries whose responsibilities overlap with the roles given the six ministers of state.
He described it as a complete “waste” and also lashed at the reasoning behind the constitution of a three member team made up of veteran MPs ET Mensah, Cletus Avoka and Alban Bagbin to superintend the execution of the President’s priority projects.
He said the three-member team, which has been tagged as the “the three wise men”, is unnecessary and warned that part of their roles put the team in direct conflict with the duties of the education minister-designate.
Kwesi Pratt Jnr who says he is “seriously worried” and “not happy” about the manner in which the President is making his appointments wondered why the NDC which has had the longest time to serve in power in Ghana’s history is making so many fundamental mistakes with appointing ministers and other state officials to serve in the government.
Source: XYZ News

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