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Have You Heard ? : Death Threats Hits Nana Akufo-Addo

The life of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is in danger as elements believed to be part of the National Security apparatus have over the last one week been storming his residence at Nima with all manner of threats, says a close associate of the Flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).
The close associate told The New Crusading Guide newspaper yesterday that “the threats intensified last week with some people within the National Security apparatus boldly telling us to secure Nana Addo’s life before it is too late”. According to the source, “some of the threats came in the form of text messages with some cautioning him (Nana Addo) to discontinue the Supreme Court petition. The source further disclosed that an intelligence piece they gathered indicated that a diabolical plan was being hatched to ram into Nana Addo’s personal vehicle in order to endanger his life.
Fortunately, according to Nana Addo’s associate, the evil plan to eliminate Nana Addo seemed not to have the full blessings of the National Security hierarchy. “Our intelligence has indicated that the Security apparatus is now divided between evil and good”. According to our checks at Nana Addo’s Nima residence, the threats have been so incessant that, the Security detail of the NPP Flagbearer has instituted new security checks at the entrance of his residence.
Among the new security measure is the frisking of individuals wishing to enter Nana Addo’s house. Frisking, (also called a patdown) is a search of a person’s outer clothing wherein a person runs his or her hands along the outer garments to detect any concealed weapons or contraband.
There are also newly purchased metal detectors at his entrance to ward off any evil machination by the oppressor. The death threats on Nana Addo’s life perhaps comes on the back on the petition he and two others in the NPP filed at the Supreme Court challenging that there were some irregularities in the just-ended elections.
 Source: The New Crusading Guide

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