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NPP’s decision to boycott inauguration is unfortunate- CDD

The Ghana Centre for Democratic Development has described the NPP’s decision to boycott inauguration of President John Mahama, as unfortunate.

The Communications Director of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) Kathleen Addy told Citi News that NPP’s petition at the Supreme Court does not conflict with the inauguration of President Mahama.

“As things stand he [President Mahama] is the President elect of the republic, when he is sworn in on the 7th of January he will be the President of the republic and until the courts say otherwise or an alternative position is rendered by the legal process we all have to accept that he is the President for the entire nation.”

According to Madam Addy, as far as the situation is right now John Mahama is the President of the entire country; not only those who voted for him and the country needs the cooperation of every Ghanaian.

“Remember that the two main political parties represent a substantial percentage of the entire population; no government will be effective without the cooperation of opposition, whoever is in government.”

“I think it is important we do the right thing because what if the court case goes in the direction that is not favourable to you, what do you do then ; and what if the court case is in favor of you and the other side also decide not to cooperate?”

She told Citi News that the right is for the legal process to be followed. “Just because one party is aggrieved does not negate the fact that President Mahama is president elect.”
Source: Citifmonline

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