My choice for President is still a secret – Rawlings

Founder of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Jerry John Rawlings has indicated that his choice of which of the presidential candidates he is going vote for, will remain a closely guarded secret.

In an exclusive interview with Citi News’ Umaru Sanda Amadu, the former president said though it would be easy for him to reveal his choice for the parliamentary slot, his choice of which Presidential candidate deserved his approval would have to wait till election day.

Speculations on who the former President’s choice will be for the position of President of the Republic has been a matter of contention in the media for several weeks.

Though the NDC founder has been quoted as describing President John Mahama as “a winnable candidate” ahead of Friday’s election and his latest pronouncement is expected to further deepen the controversy.

Former President Rawlings has been a staunch critic of the ruling party and has often publicly announced that party and its leadership has lost its “moral high ground.”

Former President Jerry John Rawlings, who was receiving the leader of the ECOWAS Election Observer Mission, Olusegun Obasanjo, also expressed worry over what he termed plans by some corrupt MPs to use violence in their attempts to perpetuate their corrupt acts.

According to him, some NDC MPs including Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s brother have lost the moral high ground and are bent on using violence to continue hanging on to their seats.

“When the political atmosphere is devoid of a moral high ground by any one of the parties, then it can be quite provocative because some people are bent on using violence to perpetuate their stay. There is this chap in one of the Tongu areas, these Woyome chaps. The NDC candidate has gone to report to a collection of queen mothers as well to the assemblies, accusing the NPP candidate and the independent candidate of plotting to use machetes on the election day. [He said] this plot was hatched in Ashaiman and he has a tape recording. You don’t go and fabricate things like that and I am hoping that the Police are taking the appropriate steps to investigate.”

The former President added, “But the point is that when a chap so audaciously, with such a corrupt environment, corrupt background as Woyome, would look at the queen mothers, respectable people like that, and make such a serious stupid allegation against a gentleman like Mr. Klutse in a largely NDC support area. I mean that’s going a little too far, but clearly it’s because he does not want to be unseated by the integrity of the independent candidate.”

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