Election 2012: "Special Voting" for Security personnel et al today

Security personnel and the staff of the Electoral Commission who would be on duty on the election day are expected to cast their ballots today in the “Special Voting” exercise.
The security personnel include the staff of the Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Prisons Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service and other voters who would be on official duty on December 7.
The voters are expected to elect their parliamentarians, as well as their preferred candidate for the presidency.
Polling would commence 0700 hours and end at 1700 hours unless it is extended at particular polling stations because of technical reasons.
The ballot boxes after the special voting would be kept at a secure placed and would only be counted after the whole country has voted that is December 7.
This year will be the first time Ghana is using a biometric register.
Polling stations for this special exercise are located at designated points including police stations and the headquarters of the Immigration, Fire Service, Prisons and the Military.
Meanwhile the EC says it is ready to conduct the special voting and that the Commission is well grounded and on top of the task ahead.
Mrs Sylvia Annor, Principal Public Relations Officer of the EC, said in Accra that all the ballot papers and all other voting materials had already been dispatched to the various districts and constituencies.

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