NDP warns NDC, Stop bribing NDP candidates

It has come to the notice of the National Democratic Party (NDP) that certain government officials and executive members of the National Democratic Congress are approaching NDP Parliamentary Candidates, particularly in the Eastern and Volta Regions, with the objective to bribe them to step down.

We want to state categorically that the National Democratic Party STANDS ALWAYS FOR THE PEOPLE OF GHANA, and therefore, the noble men and women standing on our ticket do so with integrity and a conviction to serve their community above all else.

These noble men and women believe that the culture of bribery and corruption at the community level, which is being perpetuated by the NDC Government cannot go on any longer.

NDP Parliamentary Candidates have chosen to take the bold step to stand up against bribery, corruption and mismanagement at the constituency level: compromising their beliefs and conviction is not an option because they stand against negative practices that are hindering the development of our constituencies.

We wish to assure our numerous supporters and all Ghanaians that the National Democratic Party remains steadfast in our values of probity accountability and social justice for all Ghanaians.

NDP: Always for the People

Hon., H .F . Amoako
(Secretary General-NDP)

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