Clueless and cynical NDC government is exploiting Ghana youth – Nana Addo

The New Patriotic Party Presidential Candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has accused the ruling government of exploiting the nation’s youth with its unfulfilled promises.

Speaking on the theme of jobs and employment at the Navrongo UDS campus in the Upper East Region, Nana Addo said “youth unemployment is without doubt the biggest threat to social peace in our country today… for a pittance, unemployed youth were engaged to cause mayhem in Odododiodio in the Greater Accra Region. If these young men had jobs, they would never have been available as thugs for hire.”

In his opinion, the NDC had failed to see that “job creation must necessarily be the priority item for any government that aspires this nation govern this nation well.”

“Unfortunately for us in Ghana, these past four years, we have been landed with a clueless and cynical NDC government that seeks to exploit the misfortune of the youth and offer no solution to the problem.”

Nana Addo noted, “they (NDC) announce they have created 1.7 million jobs at a time when a ban had been placed on public sector hiring and when they had sacked thousands of young people from jobs because they were said to be NPP supporters.”

“They knew there were no such jobs, but of the lie was likely to sound good to the ear, they would say it anyway.”

Citing the recent Ghana Investment Promotion Centre saga where the former CEO is alleged to given a cheque of GHC 4,000 to a group campaigning for President John Mahama, Nana Addo said, “the blatant abuse of incumbency we are witnessing today is unprecedented in the fourth republic.”

Nana Addo told the teeming crowd of party supporters that his government will however tow a different course once elected into office.

“The NPP is committed to building a new society of opportunities, where every Ghanaian has the opportunity to improve upon their circumstances in order to move Ghana forward. We are determined to grow our economy and create the atmosphere for the private sector to flourish and provide jobs.”

“An Akufo Addo government is going to strive to equip our young people with skills that will enable them improve their circumstances. We will present our young people with opportunities that show that there is dignity in labour. We will create job opportunities for all young people simply because they are Ghanaians.”

“We need to change fundamentally the structure of the economy from a focus on producing primary products to value addition and by modernizing every aspect of our society. We cannot rely on the current structure and the exhaustible resources to grow our economy and modernize our country.”
Source: Citifmonline.com

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