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Sole Commissioner adjourns sitting to Dec. 17

The Sole Commissioner appointed to investigate the payment of all judgement debts has adjourned sitting to December 17, after the first day of sitting.

The first sitting, which was held at the old parliament house, was to hear from the Auditor General, Controller and Accountant General, the Solicitor General at the Attorney General’s office and the Chief Director of the Ministry of Finance.

All but the Chief Director of the Ministry of Finance and Controller and Accountant General were however present for the first sitting.

According to Citi News reporter Eugenia Tenkorang, the Auditor General, Richard Quartey failed to submit the exact number of records requested by the Sole Commissioner; records dating from 1992 to present.

According to the Auditor General, due to a number of constrains, only records from the year 2000 to 2012 were available at that present time.

Eugenia Tenkorang also reported that the Solicitor General, represented by Naana Dontoh, requested for more time to put the necessary materials together.

Eugenia Tenkorang noted that the Sole Commissioner expressed surprise at the inability of some of the state institutions to make available the requested documents to aid in the investigation process.

She reported that Justice Appau , the Sole Commissioner, bemoaned the absence of the Chief Director of the Ministry of Finance and Controller and Accountant General, noting that no excuse was made available for their absence.

According to Eugenia Tenkorang, Justice Apau warned that he will be forced to issue an arrest warrant for anyone who, in the future, failed to honour the invitation of the Commission.

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