How to have a full body orgasm

Have longer and stronger orgasms by mastering the stop-start method…
Orgasms are great. Obviously. But they can be short and far from the mind-blowing, knee buckling experience described in Fifty Shades of Grey.
The elusive full body orgasm is achievable, but it takes practise and tons of pelvic floor muscle control, which can be hard in the heat of the moment.
The key is to retain and expand your sexual tension by delaying your orgasm. Regular Kegel exercises using love eggs or Ana Steele’s favourite jiggle balls will strengthen your pelvic muscles allowing you to perform stronger contractions – they key to more intense orgasms.
The next stage is to identify your point of no-return in the moment and then stop all stimulation when you reach this point. It’s challenging because you probably won’t want to stop!
Repeat this stop-start method seven times, while focusing on deep breaths in and out. Over-sensitivity can become and issue, so ask your partner to alternate between your g-spot and clitoris or ignore those all together and work on your other erogenous zones during the seven cycles.
On the final cycle imagine the sexual tension (or Tantric energy) circulating around your body. Some sexperts recommend imagining your orgasm as a colour which is slowly filling up your body from toes to crown.
Finally, allow the tension to release and let your body orgasm. You may not be a Tantric master after your first time round, but some women have reported 20-30 minute orgasms using this method.

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