Your security will be my priority – Nana Addo

The flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo has indicated, “the security of everyday life is the most fundamental requirement of any citizen in any society and the people of Ghana have been confronted recently with significant increase in crime.”

Speaking at the second IEA Presidential Debate held in Accra, he indicated that his government will strengthen institutions like the police to fight crime by increasing the ratio of police to civilians from the current 1 to 1,200 to the barest minimum.

This he said “will enhance their [Police] capability.”

Nana Addo however pointed out that a multi-sectoral approach to development of the law enforcement front was key. In his opinion, institutions such as the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice will be equally strengthened for them [Judiciary] to work more efficiently and effectively. 

The NPP flagbearer promised to expand the economy of Ghana, which according to him would help reduce the incidence of armed robbery and crime drastically.

President John Dramani Mahama on his part said his administration will battle and reduce crime to the barest minimum.

“There has been a drop in reported robbery cases from 4,753 in 2008 to 3,909 in 2012. It is only in the area of defilement and rape that we have not seen sufficient reduction,” he conceded.

“The NDC have provided technology, personnel and equipment to fight crime. We have also provided the necessary support to the police to enable them fight crime. There has also been an increase in recruitment of the police to improve the human resource capacity.”

President Mahama also pointed out that his government had strengthened and empowered the police to fight the narcotics trade.

He revealed that funding to the Narcotics Control Board had been increased and indicated that efforts to increase collaboration with foreign partners to fight narcotics had been improved.

On the matter of the crime, the CPP flagbearer, Dr. Abu Sakara said his government will tackle crime with comprehensive framework and improve education in the area.

“At the national security level we will fight crime in the community by the establishment of a people’s information and suggestions complaints office in every district and in work places so as to better detect crime and have a catalogue of actions that have been taken and actions that have not been taken.”

“The key thing is to be an enforcing and implementing government. This will serve as a deterrent to everyone and strengthen discipline in all. We will also strengthen the economic crimes unit by retooling them and ensuring that we select the right people to put in those places and finally to have institutional reforms and address the issues of what is right and what is wrong,” he added.

Mr. Hassan Ayariga of the PNC on his part said his administration will modernize and re-equip the armed forces, police and other security agencies with all the sophistication to enable them perform efficiently and effectively.

He also promised to increase the police civilian ratio to 1 is to 300. He promised to make the police more accessible to the people in the fight against crime.

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