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Prez Mahama's sectarian politics is worrying – Abu Jinapor

The “Young Members” of the New Patriotic Party have described as worrying and disturbing, the sectarian politics being pursued by President John Dramani Mahama and the ruling National Democratic Congress in the run-up to the December elections.
Speaking at a news conference in Kumasi on Monday, Convener of the group, Samuel Abu Jinapor, expressed worry about the kind of message-less campaign President Mahama is embarking on, in a desperate bid to hang on to power
According to the group, the desperation of President Mahama, is evident in the President telling the Ghanaians to vote for him because the American people have re-elected President Barack Obama, adding that “this is how desperate and ridiculous President Mahama has reduced our politics to.”
Worse still, the NPP man stressed, has been the desperate strategy of President John Mahama to play the regional card on his tour of the three northern regions. On the 1st of November, Abu recalled, President Mahama, in addressing the people of Nankpanduri, telling them to give their backing to him so he could ascend the seat and make them “proud”. Similarly, last Saturday, the President went to Zualerigu and told the people of the Northern region that northerners were tired of playing second fiddle to the Presidency.
“This is a very reckless statement, which may even be interpreted to mean that he spent his first three years or so at the Castle desperately looking for the opportunity to take President John Atta Mills’ seat. Yes, the President is telling us that he prayed for his chance and now he has it and wants to do everything to hold on to it,” Abu Jinapor charged.
He continued, “Based on the President’s example, should other people also say that Southerners should also vote for Nana Akufo-Addo or any other candidate form the South? And, if that logic was to be pursued, where would that send our short-sighted President to? Ghana has come a long way for her to be divided by myopic, visionless, petty-minded, and self-seeking politicians in the mould of President Mahama, who is desperate for power. Ghana deserves better than the politics President Mahama is pursuing. He has nothing to offer.”
“The message is clear, President Mahama has no message. He has no positive for the people of Ghana and, in his desperation and frustration, has reduced his campaign to tribal politics and lies,” Abu Jinapor said.
The NPP man entreated Ghanaians not to vote for President Mahama, who for the lack of a campaign message and non-performance during the last four years, has resorted to whipping up ethnic sentiments.
He urged the electorate to vote for the competent and incorruptible ticket of Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia, to construct formidable structures that will transform lives and transform Ghana.
NPP Communications Directorate

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