Elfsborg take home Allsvenskan title

Borås football club Elfsborg drew 1-1 with Åtvidaberg on Sunday afternoon to win the title in Sweden’s top football league, the Allsvenskan.The Borås club nabbed the gold in the tie game, finishing on top of the ladder and narrowly edging out second place Malmö FF, which lost to AIK at Råsunda on the same afternoon.
“It’s incredible to win the gold again,” said team captain Anders Svensson to the TT news agency.
“It’s damn fine. The whole team has had a strong season and fought the whole way.”
Over 16,000 fans turned up to the Borås Arena in western Sweden to watch the game.
Stefan Ishizaki scored Elfsborg’s only goal of the match, finding the back of the net in the 30th minute and sending the home crowd into a thunderous frenzy.
However, the team found out during the game that they didn’t need much more to win the gold.
“Just into the second half we knew it was over,” explained Svensson.
“AIK led 2-0 so we could relax. But we relaxed too much so they were able to equalize. But the last half an hour was just a joy,” he told TT.
In the 76th minute, Viktor Prodell netted one for Åtvidaberg, but it wasn’t enough to see off the champion team and the game finished at 1-1 to the delight of the home crowd.
Celebrations for Elfsborg even erupted in Stockholm on Sunday night, with several thousand diehard fans braving the chill to celebrate in Sergels Torg in the centre of the city.
The win marks the club’s sixth title, with their last win in 2006

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