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Woman gets vaginal exam for sore throat

Johannesburg – A Gauteng woman laid a complaint with the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) after she went to see a doctor about a sore throat – and was given a vaginal examination instead.
The woman also said the doctor made some improper comments about her genitals during the vaginal examination at the consulting rooms in Germiston, reported The Star.
But an investigation brought to light that the man who had examined her was not a doctor at all and had been standing in for a Congolese doctor, Dr Kazombia Manda, who had gone out on an errand.
Dr Manda told the HPCSA he didn’t know that fellow countryman, Dr Kilundu Makengo, was not a registered doctor in South Africa.
It emerged that Makengo had failed oral and practical exams twice in SA.
Dr Manda was given a suspended sentence and was slapped with a fine.

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