Checking your partner’s phone. Unforgivable?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had the urge to sneak-a-peek. But, are we ever prepared for what we might find?There have been plenty of times when my boyfriend has popped into the shower or been out of sight where I found myself staring at his phone wondering what I might find.
And if I did find something unpleasant, would I have it in me to call it quits, knowing that I’m the one who went scrolling for “the truth”?
I personally don’t see anything wrong with snooping around on your man’s phone, as long as you’re brave enough to live with the consequences.
Love and relationship writer Stephen Labossiere agrees. According to him, it’s perfectly fine to go through your partner’s phone, as long as you plan to act on what you find.
But, he also advises that you shouldn’t risk it if…
You are just a baby mama:
The two of you are no longer together yet you share a child. And that’s where your relationship ends.
Who and what your baby daddy does in his free time is not any of your business.
If the things he gets up to don’t affect his role as a parent then you should stop before you end up ruining his relationship with you and his child.
You are not going to confront him:
There is really no point in causing yourself all that pain and doubt if you are never going to address it. Walking around angry for reasons unknown to him will only push away.
He’ll think you’ve lost it and make his way to the nearest exit!
You’re the mistress and you KNOW it:
Firstly, you’re better than that! Secondly, you can’t expect the man to explain why his wife has been texting him sexy messages.
Instead, take the time to love and appreciate yourself enough to know that this is a situation you should never be in.You are just a convenient shag and nothing more.
The two of you aren’t exclusive:
If you agreed that both of you can see other people, you should allow him his space to go out and explore without being insecure about it.If you decided on the “no strings attached” thing in the hope that he’ll get jealous and make you his girl then this will only torture you.
Anyway, he should only want you and no one else. Do you really want to be someone’s booty call?
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Have you ever checked your mans phone? What did you find? Share your story with us in the box below.

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