Turkey readies ‘big investments’ in Ghana

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has indicated that his country is in a position to strengthen trade ties with Ghana to boost trade volumes to $1billion by the year 2020.
Trade volumes between the two countries currently stands at $400million and according to the Turkish President.
He added: “Turkey companies will undertake major projects in Ghana thus contribute to the development of Ghana. We have to move towards a common objective and interests of our nations. Improve our relations in every aspect possible for the prosperity of our people”.
Addressing Parliament on his two-day official state visit to Ghana, President Erdogan disclosed that he came along with over 150 representatives of major companies from [Turkey] to explore investment opportunities between the two countries.
“Myself and John Mahama we will be meeting the business community and we will be hoping to inspire them to invest in the two countries.The Turkish investors will be further encouraged to come here and invest in Ghana. Similarly the Ghanaian businessmen are further encouraged to come and do business in Turkey and they can go ahead to join forces and invest in other countries to yield bountiful results,” he added.
According President Erdogan, Turkey’s foreign policy on Africa hinges on agriculture development, irrigation, education, healthcare, energy and other wide areas which they intend to push through in the ensuing years.
He said Turkey has been taking development in 37 different African nations; “Our NGO’s are closely collaborating with local authorities and forming alliances in the field of irrigation, education, nutrition and agriculture. We are committed to helping African nations develop at the farthest extent possible”
President Erdogan recounted that the milestone for Turkish’s partnership with Africa was fortified in August 2008 during Turkey and Africa Cooperation summit, which has seen relations deepened since.
Turkey, Erdogan says is moving towards becoming one of the greatest and influential foreign economies with $800billion of its GDP and $400billion worth of foreign trade volumes.
He also added that his country will continue to open new embassies on the African continent and Ghana is our priority”
Turkey would also assist Ghana to build capacity and infrastructure in the agriculture and tourism sectors, among others.
The Turkish economy has been the fastest growing economy among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development [OECD] and ranked 17 among global economies.


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