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Agogo youth ban political activities over Fulani crisis

The Agogo Youth Association (AYASS) has banned all forms of political activities in the town with immediate effect, following the disagreement between locals of the town and nomadic Fulani herdsmen. The Agogo residents have accused the Fulani herdsmen of destroying their crops and killing their relatives. Emmanuel Buabeng, the Chairman of AYASS, while addressing a press conference on Tuesday, said they have taken the decision because the authorities have refused to help them flush out the herdsmen from the town.
To them, the Fulani issue has been politicized and the only way to ensure that the problem is resolved, is to ban political activities in the area. “We have realized that the course to flushing out the Fulani herdsmen is becoming political and some politicians are mischievously making ill-comments and down-playing the effort of the ring leaders. Therefore, we ban all political activities be it fun fares, campaign or rallies until the last cattle leaves Agogo land.” Transfer Police commander now They also demanded the transfer of the current Police Commander of the Asante Akyem North District  claiming that he has been compromised. “In addition to the above, we AYASS plead with the IGP and the Ashanti Regional Police Command, to effect the immediate transfer on the District Police Commander of Asante Akim North District, Inspector Agyekum, since he has been corrupted and has not made any effort to help the course of flushing out the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle.”
Below is the full statement from AYASS:
Gentlemen of the press Peaceful and Hardworking citizens of Agogo who farm to feed the nation have become strangers on their own inherited lands. Ladies and gentlemen: Once upon a time, people of Ghana know Agogo to be a breeding place for beautiful music, great personalities (IGP and Finance Minister), Schools and food stuffs of all kinds. But now, Agogo has become synonymous with Fulani atrocities. The immeasurable economic loses, many social distress and grief by the malevolent destruction of our farm lands, pollution of water sources, raping of women, the barbaric murder and maiming of several citizens of Agogo by these Fulani herdsmen have shattered the good name Agogo has toiled for over the years. Ever since the Traditional Leaders stealthily leased of Agogo lands to the herdsmen, about 40 peaceful and hardworking farmers have been murdered in cold blood and countless people maimed while others have been chased out of their farms and villages. Now, fear has engulfed these farmers and as a result can no longer go to their farms as expected.
The atrocities of these itinerants have caused single parenting, school drop-outs, handicaps and jobless. In all these barbaric acts, not a single culprit has been arrested and prosecuted. When a Fulani herdsman is arrested, the next thirty minute, order will come from above for his released. However, Agogo citizen, on mere suspicious and apparent entrapment, have been put behind bars or thrown into the dungeon. As we speak, a citizen of Agogo is languishing in Nsawam Prison as a condemned inmate. The most recent one is the 5 Komkomba farmers who have been put behind bars for allegedly shooting at a Fulani herdsman.
We create the indulgence of government through IGP to release these 5 Komkoma farmers. Even though, the security services have their personnel stationed at Agogo, we, AYAS are yet to see a move that testifies their seriousness to carry out the 2012 court order.  This is because instead of pitching their tents in the villages where the Fulani rape our women, kill our fathers and brothers, burn our crops and buildings, they have been stationed in one of the expensive guest houses in town (Pentecost Hostel) and are fed three square meals from the most expensive restaurant in Agogo (Dollar Days Inn).
Therefore, AYAS can conclude that the security services have repeated their yearly rituals of coming to Agogo during the dry season to shield the Fulani herdsmen but not to flush them out as IGP Kudalor promised. We believe that their presence and continuous stay in Agogo will be a burden on the limited resources of the Asante Akyem North District Assembly.

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