Voters’ register demo was useless – Mosquito

The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Johnson Asiedu Nketia has condemned the recent demonstration led by pro-opposition pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance, insisting the protest march to demand a new voters’ register was needless. According to the NDC chief scribe, popularly known as ‘General Mosquito’, the demonstration which eventually turned violent and ended abruptly was uncalled for since the Electoral Commission (EC) is already engaging political parties and other stakeholders after the NPP forwarded a petition to it.
Mr. Asiedu Nketia reiterated the NDC’s position insisting that calls for a new voters’ register are misplaced. “… Don’t be bothered about their demonstration because it won’t have any impact because even on the day of the demonstration, the General Secretary of the NPP was with all the party reps in a meeting with the Reforms Committee of EC over the same issue so what is the need for a demonstration. What kind of party goes out to hold a demonstration when at the same time discussions are ongoing indoors to deliberate on the same issues,” he asked.
He was addressing NDC supporters in the Central Region, during the launch of the NDC Biometric ID cards. “We have explained why we do not need to compile a new register. The current register is really not helping us in anyway, but if we decide to compile a new one, it will destroy Ghana’s democracy. If we compile a new register, we will have the same problems we had in 2012; and that’s why we don’t need a new one,” he insisted. “All political parties are expected to present their proposals to the Electoral Commission and we in the NDC have done that and we did not hold a demonstration. The NPP, PPP and others have also submitted their proposals together with all other parties.” Meanwhile the EC has set Tuesday September 22; to receive final proposals from all parties, members of the public and civil society organizations for the necessary discussions.

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