Andre Ayew reveals Ghana support

“I have a really strong attachment to my brothers and sisters in Ghana. When I returned to Ghana I felt the warm welcome from all my people.They are people who really trust me, push me and want me to get to the highest level. I have been in the national team since I was 17 years old, so all of the Ghanaian people have seen me grow up as a person and as a player.”

“From playing at Marseille to competing in the Champions League, World Cups, African Cups and now the best league in the world with a good team like Swansea – for them to see me get to this level today makes them feel very proud.My country watches the Premier League every weekend. There are 28 million Ghanaian people and 27 million of those will watch the Premier League.They wanted me to go to the Premier League, and although I took this decision also for myself, I took it for a lot of people in my country because they wanted me to be here.”

“Swansea now has another 28 million fans behind them because I know Ghana will be supporting us. I thank all Ghanaian people who will be supporting us through the whole season.Hopefully things will go well and we will have a great season.”

-Andre Ayew

Source: Swansea fc

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