State attorneys to go on strike

Unless there is a last-minute intervention from the President, state attorneys have threatened to go on strike starting today, Tuesday, July 7, in a final attempt to get their grievances over working conditions addressed.
The action is likely to cause disruption to the courts.

The attorneys had given government a July 6 deadline to address their concerns relating to working conditions.

They are demanding salary increment and the harmonization of their salaries and benefits to that of circuit court judges as stated in the Legal Services Act 1993.

They also complain of lack of logistical support at their offices.

Various discussions last week have not yielded any results but the President is expected to meet the state attorneys in a final attempt to address their concerns.

The president of the association of state attorneys Francisca Takyi Mensah said it will be disastrous for the country’s justice system if their concerns are not addressed by the close of Monday.

“The public should know that the government chamber is in shambles and it has to be rescued. There are very pertinent issues that should be addressed.

“We are not going to accept promises because in the past we have accepted promises and those promises have not been fulfilled but we now are looking for documentary evidence of commitment”.
 Credit: Starrnews

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