Cabinet approves digital migration contract

Cabinet has approved a $82.4 million contract with local telecoms infrastructure company K-NET to provide the migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT).
DTT will guarantee multiple TV channels, clearer pictures, better sound quality and offer more opportunities for advertisers and broadcasters.
K-NET is expected to complete the entire migration process in 9 months as the project is divided into 3 phases.
Cabinet, at a previous sitting, approved the auctioning of spectrums to be freed from the migration to pay for the cost of the digital migration.
KNET’s quote was $13 million cheaper than the $95 million Star Times quote. Star Times was terminated for non-performance.
Founded in 1996, K-NET is a wholly Ghanaian owned​ ​telecoms infrastructure company.
With 100% network coverage in Ghana and footprints across sub-Saharan Africa, the Ghanaian company is also the major provider of connectivity services to over 50 radio stations and 30 TV channels in Ghana.
K-NET owns the​ ​biggest ISP infrastructure supporting Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Direct -to-Home TV (DTH) and telecoms.

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