Fattest Man Dies At Age 33

UK’s fattest man has died after ballooning to 65 stone.
Carl Thompson, 33, had been confined to his bungalow for a year, relying on NHS carers to wash and feed him.
Yesterday emergency services and the fire brigade were seen outside his home in Dover, Kent.
Police yesterday confirmed his death, telling the Dover Express: “Kent Police was called at 10:38am on 21st June to a property, Dover, following reports that a man in his 30s had died.Officers do not believe the death to be suspicious.”
Just last month, Mr Thompson said he was desperate to change his lifestyle after being warned by doctors that his ill health would kill him.
“Any professional opinion or other knowledge would be great,” he said, pleading for help.
“I’ve had a lot of that coming in anyway but the more the better,” he added.
After revealing his plight last month, the 33-year-old vowed to shed weight in order to stay alive. Mr Thompson said he had been ‘touched’ by the outpouring of sympathy and offers of help he had received in the wake of several interviews
Unable to leave the house to go food shopping, the 33-year-old dined on Chinese takeaways and delivered pizzas five nights a week.
He also claimed to have spent £10 a day on chocolate, relying on state handouts for money.
While Mr Thompson attributed most of his weight gain to the death of his mother, he admitted to having always ‘loved’ food.
“I was only about three or four and no one knew why I did it. I would just eat anything out of the cupboards,” he said.
Mr Thompson spent the last few years in and out of hospital, where he was treated for a range of ailments including septicemia.
Source: BBC

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