Beyonce sued $7m for ‘stealing’ song

Background singer Ahmad Lane has filed a federal suit against Beyonce, her music company, Parkwood Entertainment, and Columbia Records, accusing her of stealing his music for her hit song XO.
Lane filed the lawsuit last year. On June 4, 2015, Knowles fired back at the background singer’s lawsuit claiming his complaint is “vague and cryptic.” She explained that she is an internationally known singer who has won 17 Grammys and sold over 118 million albums.
Queen Bey explained to the court the two tracks don’t even sound alike, and she mentioned that she has no need to steal since she has “17 Grammy awards and 118 million records sold.”
Lane claimed that he acted as a background singer with Knowles’ current background singer, Chrissy Collins, for another artiste. During his time working with Collins he had handed her a copy of his song, XOXO, to listen to and alleged that she passed it on to Beyonce.
“The two works at issue are entirely different strains that share no lyrical or musical similarity, other than perhaps the letters “X” and “O”, documents filed by Beyonce’s attorney explained.
The documents also state that Lane never filed a “copyright registration” for his song.
They also claim that Lane’s description of the copyright infringement is due to the fact that Knowles’ song “allegedly copies the first four bars of an eight bar melody that is looped,” and “contains a four note sequence that is similar to the four note sequence,” in her song.
Beyonce’s attorney wrote asking the court to listen to the Lane’s song and compare it to Beyonce’s and stated that if anyone was to listen to both, they would see that the two works don’t share any “melodic content and there is no meaningful similarity in pitch series, rhythm or rhythmic patterns, melodic development or social organization”.
He added that the “the two songs are distinct from a thematic perspective” with Lane’s song describing the narrator’s romantic and sexual feelings towards a young devotee. Beyonce’s attorney added that Lane’s song features lyrics talking about “being, horny” and “desiring to enjoy every inch of the lover’s body,” while Beyonce’s song is a “celebration of passion and spirit, underlining the importance of being in the present with a loved one ‘before our time has run out.’”
Beyonce is calling for the tribunal to drop the $7 million dollar lawsuit and that the background singer be awarded nothing.
Source: Radar Online

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