Rapper EL plans collaboration with Kendrick Lamar

Rapper and sound engineer Elorm Adabla, popularly known as EL, has revealed his intentions of collaborating with American hiphop artiste Kendrick Lamar.
The rapper said this in an interview on Hitz Entertainment News on Wednesday.
“The best rapper to me now is Kendrick and I’m looking to challenge the best of the best, I can say Jay Z, Drake, I admire them all but to me right now, who is doing it the hardest is Kendrick Lamar so I will catch him in studio one of these days.”
“I’m taking Ghana to the whole world, I’m trying to make sure that people out there will appreciate African talent and the way we can do that is to go there ourselves and make them recognize where we are coming from,” he added.
The rapper also shared with listeners the inspirations behind his new songs ‘Without a Crown’ and ‘All Black’ which features Pappy Kojo and Joey B.
“Beautiful girls inspire me a lot, beauty is a thing of inspiration, if you don’t get by beauty then you have a problem, so looking at beautiful things, admiring beautiful things and taking in beautiful things inspire me.”
EL, who was crowned the Best Rapper at the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, said it feels good to be rapper of the year. “It’s good…I worked really hard for it and I’m hoping that my hard work pays off next year in that aspect.”
Commenting on whether hiphop music is struggling in Ghana, EL said: “I don’t think so, check what is happening on the local trends right now, it’s all about hiphop, people are excited.
“We are taking it outside, I’m like a marketer, everywhere I go I’m always talking about hiphop acts from Ghana. I’m talking about Sarkodie, M.anifest, Edem and I’m always pushing, people are responding to them. So, our future is looking really bright, it’s up to us to work hard to make sure that we are recognised,” he concluded.
EL is known for songs like ‘Obuu Mo’, ‘One Ghana’, ‘State of the Nation Address’, ‘See Me Suffer’ and ‘No Size’.

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