Ghanaian pastor's daughter reveals she's gay on UK's Big Brother

Committed Christian and pastor’s daughter Adjoa Mensah has revealed that she is gay on the UK’s reality show Big Brother
Housemate Kieran, hit back, saying that he was confused.
Adjoa, 22, simply laughed at the reaction and said: “You weren’t expecting that were you?”
The model went on to reveal that she has never slept with a man and that it is something that she never wants to experience.
“No [I don’t want guys at all] I want p****,” she said.
Later when he was asked if he was disappointed that she liked girls, he said: “Why am I gutted? That’s her business.”
Adjoa has already taken a liking to fellow housemate Sarah Greenwood.
Entering the diary room to talk with Big Brother about her fellow housemates, Adjoa gushed: “Sarah is so lovely, and she’s hot and is just so sexy!”
Earlier in the episode, Adjoa, a model and law student based in Manchester, UK, took a liking to Jade, as she told Jade she was ‘so sexy’ but Jade said she didn’t think of girls on a sexual level.

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