I would marry Sarkodie if he asked – Actress Salma

Beautiful actress, Salma Mumin, has revealed that she would marry Sarkodie  if he agrees to marry her.
“I love Sarkodie, if he will marry me, I will marry him too,” Salma said in an interview with Giovani Caleb on e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show last week.
Unfortunately, Sarkodie appears to be taken. He and his girlfriend Tracy are known to have been dating for over seven years and it will not surprise close associates if an announcement of nuptials is made this year.
Only last March, Sarkodie threw an all-white birthday party in Accra for Tracy, a graduate of Nottingham University in the UK, to which only close associates and friends were invited.
Salma Mumin is an up-and-coming actress who has put up good performances in movies such as Leave My Wife, Seduction, No Apology, Crazy, Hotel Babylon, 3 Some, Passion and Soul and College Girls.
Rising star

Recounting her days before her star started rising, she said in the eTV interview: “Back in high school, I had so much interest in entertainment to the extent that I ended up becoming the entertainment prefect.
“There was this guy who worked with our school canteen and was also a lighting technician with Venus Films. I told him how interested I was in acting and he told me he worked with this production house and that he could hook me up with them.
“The day came and he took me to Abdul Salam Mumumi. At the time, Venus was working on Crime to Christ and I was a little girl coming out of school. I was so excited and wanted it more. I started auditioning more and the disappointments were more.
“They tell you they will call you back and you sit around waiting for them till you get tired. Later, I landed this role and things took off,” Salma Mumim added.
She said: “It hasn’t been easy because it came to a time I nearly gave up but I loved acting so much I couldn’t walk away”.
Responding to a question about shooting sex scenes, the actress from the Upper West region said: “How can you shoot a romantic movie without a sex scene? How possible is that? You have to show some stuff. You have to let your viewers know what’s happening.”
Source: YFM Ghana

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