Paul Walker fans choke up at 'Furious 7' finale

Fans of the late actor Paul Walker knew that watching him in “Furious 7” would be bittersweet.

Even so, many moviegoers said the final scenes of the new film, which earned a record $146 million over the weekend, still packed an emotional and f7

“Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears at the end of Furious 7. The tribute to Paul Walker was very well done,” one woman said Monday on Twitter.

Hers was just one of a flood of messages on social media from people who said they got choked up during scenes featuring Walker, who died at 40 in a car crash in November 2013, before filming on “Furious 7” was completed.

To finish Walker’s scenes, the makers of the movie used body doubles, computer-generated images and even the actor’s brothers. But it was the ending that really got to moviegoers.

Source: CNN

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