Huawei unveils new products at Mobile World Congress

Huawei has unveiled a series of wearable devices including the Huawei Watch, TalkBand B2, and TalkBand N1 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, to enable its consumers to stay connected.
At a global press conference as part of the congress events held in Barcelona, Spain, Huawei Consumer BG also released the next-generation phablet, MediaPad X2, and also announced the brands vision, “Dreams Inspire Creativity.”
The CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, Mr Richard Yu, said: “For consumers, having access and storage of personal data and records will make wearable devices one of the most important industry developments in the advent of Big Data and Cloud technologies.”
He said the wearable device announcement showcased Huawei’s commitment to inspiring creativity and creating products that would enhance the consumer’s ecosystem.
“Our wearable devices are to be connected and synchronised to offer the best all-around smart solution and personal monitoring based on individual need. No doubt, wearable devices will remain one of the most significant trends in the device industry, and by leveraging Huawei’s technology and innovation, Huawei Consumer BG aims to be a leader in the wearable space,”  he said.
Mr Yu further said the second generation of Huawei’s TalkBand products, Huawei TalkBand B2, showcases a more business-like professional design, has smarter fitness tracking functionality with higher accuracy, and enhanced synchronisation with the users mobile device.
Inheriting a more superior Bluetooth connectivity than its predecessor, he said Huawei TalkBand B2 was not only a convenient health management device, but also the perfect combination of Bluetooth headset and sports bracelet, ideal for the on-the-run  athletically active business executives.
Mr Yu said the Huawei TalkBand N1 was the industry’s first Hi-Fi stereo + Bluetooth headset featuring 4G of local MP3 storage for 1,000 songs, Bluetooth calling, and sports tracking.
Made with high quality loudspeaker components, he said the TalkBand N1 gives users the ultimate experience in professional sound quality on par with higher end headsets thanks to chamber tuning. With a 20-20KHz frequency range, TalkBand N1 provides the finest sound quality with higher expressiveness.
Source: Things News

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