Forbes names Bill Gates on rich list

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been named the world’s richest man in 2015 by Forbes. Gates, 59, is worth $79 billion.
The US boasts the highest number of people on the list. Members of the Walton family, who own the global retailer WalMart, take up positions 8,9, 11 and 12 on the rich list.
Technology entrepreneurs feature high on the list, with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Facebook named among the top 20 entries. Technology entrepreneurs are also the youngest on the rich list.
Nigerian magnate Aliko Dangote is the only African appearing in the top 100. Dangote, who has made his fortunes in cement, sugar and flour is placed at number 67. He is worth $14.7 billion.
Forbes top ten richest in the world
#1 Bill Gates $79.2 billion – Microsoft – United States
#2 Carlos Slim Helu $77.1 billion – telecom – Mexico
#3 Warren Buffett $72.7 billion – Berkshire Hathaway – United States
#4 Amancio Ortega $64.5 billion – Zara – Spain
#5 Larry Ellison $54.3 billion – Oracle – United States
#6 Charles Koch $42.9 billion -diversified – United States
#6 David Koch $42.9 billion – diversified – United States
#8 Christy Walton $41.7 billion – Wal-Mart – United States
#9 Jim Walton $40.6 billion – Wal-Mart – United States
#10 Liliane Bettencourt $40.1 billion -L’Oreal – France
The full list is available from Forbes.
Credit: Forbes

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