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Residents decry "death trap gutter" at Tafo

Barely one month after an alarm was raised about a deep hole at a Tafo residential area described as a death trap by residents in the area, another gaping hole which is even more threatening has been discovered.
The latest discovery is situated just behind the Odotobiri Rural Bank building at Tafo Ahenbronum.
Even though it poses a serious threat to residents, particularly school children who use the old wobbling wooden bridge straddling the deep and gaping hole almost every day, nobody seems to care.
It is even rumored that the Assembly man for the Old Tafo Ahenbronum North area, Prince William Kwadwo Sekyere, has thrown in the towel out of frustration.
Speaking to Kessben TV news, Mr Sekyere said: “Despite several reports I have sent to the authorities about the danger the deep hole poses to human life, they seem not to care”.
As a form of protest, he has decided not to contest for the local elections.
The deep hole has done damaged the foundation of a nearby building, which is now at the risk of collapsing. The property owner, Grace Boateng, lamented over the problem when asked to comment.
“My mother cannot sleep at night when it rains, because the gutter keeps breaking in. My fear is for the students use the bridge over the gutter every now and then,” she said.

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